scalable for any size organisation

scalable for any size organisation

enterprise-ready solutions

The requirements to meet your business’ peak demands cannot be understated when considering implementing a program that offers real-time interaction at the point of purchase. The program must be able to cope with seasonal demands as well as peak day times (eg. lunch periods).

Your customers won’t wait, they expect nothing less than fast efficient service. High speed processing and authorization of reward issuing and redemptions, coupon redemptions and payment mechanisms are key to meeting these expectations.

The Transactor systems and support infrastructure are architected to handle critical volumes through the peaks and troughs of retail trading.

scale is built into everything we do – not added-on

All transactor services adhere to the following requirements

  • Network scaleability
  • Connectivity across multiple payment networks
  • Full integration with Point of Sale Systems
  • Fully web enabled
  • Can function across multi-merchant coalitions
  • Closed and open loop payments
  • Kiosk & device integration
  • Mobile ready
  • Enhanced security & encryption